Above the clouds, the sun is beaming

One of my trips to see my mother took place in January. She lives in north central California, about an hour south of Sacramento.

The flight was non-stop (Yay!) early in the morning. The sun was coming up as I left St. Louis and it was beautiful. During the entire flight the sun was blazing. I wanted to put the shade down by my seat, but I didn’t. It was too lovely. The sun beams brilliantly bouncing off of the heavy cloud floor.

sun above the clouds

Four full hours of sun later I felt exhilarated and cornea-fried. But I do love the sun, so no complaints.

We landed with a blind landing. The fog bank was heavy and thick and I would say “solid” but you would think that was silly. If you have been to that part of California in January you would not think it silly, you would think it accurate.

I prayed as we descended with no view of the ground whatsoever and sighed with relief when our wheels touched down gently.

plane landing in fog

I gathered my bag and met my mother and step-father by the exit. And we left.

It was terrifying. The highway traffic moved along at a decent pace, but I do not know how. You could not see a thing. Not a THING I tell you. My step-dad soldiered on.

About halfway to their house my mother leaned over her seat and said “I hate that we don’t have any sun for you!”

“That’s funny,” I answered. “My corneas are just starting to relax from the blazing sunshine I encountered all the way here.”

And then it hit me. The sun is shining, even in the middle of the fog. Even when things are cloudy. Even when seeing the next step ahead seems impossible. It is still shining. Brilliantly. Brightly. Stunningly.

We just can’t see it. The sun was indeed shining right over my mother’s head. Far above the clouds. Very far.

Have you felt like there was no light? Have you felt like clouds were rolling all around you and the storms of life were wearing you down? Have you felt like you could not see one step ahead of you and felt like you were abandoned in your darkness?

The sun is shining. Just overhead. Brightly and beautifully.

Stay steady. You will see it again. Guaranteed.

You will make it to the other side of the fog.

Perhaps it doesn’t feel like it, but that is not truth. It is just a feeling based on your current view.

There is another view. Up high. Above your view. And it is real.

And it will break through for you. Any day now.

Stay steady.

Pat Meyers
Trusting in the Sun (Trusting in the Son)



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