Staring at a blank screen

How many times have we done that? Just stared at a blank screen.blank monitor

We need to get something written,  nothing comes. We need to plan something for dinner, no ideas. We need to write a comforting card to someone, the words aren’t there. We need to make it through our must-do list, our energy evaporates.

Today it is a blank screen for me. Nice bright white screen.

And it made me think about life. Sometimes we forget that every single day is a clean slate, a blank screen, an empty page waiting to be written upon.

We can make each day what we wish. Sure, we are locked in on some things: work schedule, diapers to change, someone to care for; but all the in between moments are ours for the making.

  • All the words we speak others or in response to someone else’s words
  • All the gestures and looks and smiles and hugs
  • All the willingness to help and to serve
  • All the taking delight in the small things
  • The moments we spend for ourselves
  • The moments we spend in prayer or meditation

We make what we want of those things. And there are many throughout every single day if we will recognize them and capitalize on them.

Moments are ours for the taking and for the making of what we will with them.

Don’t miss out:

  • Don’t be negative when being positive is an option
  • Don’t insult when you can choose silence
  • Don’t be quiet when you can compliment or encourage.
  • Don’t sit on the couch when you can play with a three-year-old
  • Don’t say no to a walk at sunset
  • Don’t eat too fast — savor the flavor and texture of a strawberry or a sweet potato
  • Don’t rush — enjoy






Patricia Meyers
Living All The Moments of Today

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