What a great saying!

Just the other day I had someone say to me “Thanks for being you.”

Then, the next day, I responded to something online and the company sent me the same response in giant letters that basically filled my entire screen.

What a great sentence:


Thanks for being you.


It has a lot wrapped up in it.

First of all, it assumes you are actually and fully, being yourself. What a great thought that is — let’s be fully ourselves. Not our pared down version based on people’s influence on our life. Sure we grow and tone, but we should still be the YOU that God created us to be.

Secondly, it is a fantastic thought that someone would truly be thankful that we are being us. I mean, we should be thankful that those around us are their true self … but I don’t always feel that people are. Do you?

We certainly don’t want everyone else to be just like us! We want them to be just like them. Really we do.

Until we disagree on things.

But even then we should be thankful that they are them and we are we (you can fix the grammar, I like it like this). We don’t want everyone the same.

So, with differences comes differences. But that’s cool. Because sameness would be sameness.


So, let me say to you, from my heart with all sincerity:

Thanks for being YOU.


Pat Meyers
Just me


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