Encouragement From A Bathroom Story

I know, weird title, but it’s true.

My brother, Mike, married Jane from Maine 26 years ago. She is lovely and kind and we have enjoyed our times together through the years even though they have been too few and too far between.

They have lived everywhere except near my family. But that didn’t matter. When my kids go to see their Uncle Mike and Aunt Jane they were thrilled. Especially Uncle Mike because he would shoot off fireworks with them.

I had the delight of spending a weekend with them recently in Southern California. We had a great time hanging in the pool, eating food, and going to the ocean.

After an afternoon at Santa Monica Pier we walked to the parking garage a few blocks away. During the walk, we passed through an open air mall. This sight delighted my Midwestern eyes. Truly, an open air mall. Fabulous!

I mentioned I needed to find a facility before we embarked on the crazy traffic California freeways are famous for.

“There’s a Bloomingdale’s,” Jane pointed out. “Let’s go in there.”


photo from NewYorkRacked.com

So we did. I’ve never been in a Bloomingdale’s before. Crazy? But true. The restrooms were near the entrance to my delight.

I entered and experienced immediate visual overload. The stalls were bedecked with large black and white beach photos on the extra large doors, the mirrors and wash basins were simple gorgeous, the lighting was akin to a 5 star hotel’s banquet room. Seating, tables, and more! It was beautiful.

I exited and went in pursuit of my two beach partners.  I found them staring at an interesting display in the ladies department. The mannequins hung  from the ceiling and “walked” a runway up there. We assumed it was something similar to the system used at a dry cleaning shop.

As we headed toward the exit, I said to Jane, “That bathroom was amazing!”

Jane said not a word. She simply turned to her right and went straight to the bathroom to check it out.

That may seem like a small deal.

But it isn’t.

It’s a big deal. She not only showed a little of her well-known adventurous spirit, in addition she validated me. Her actions said: “You thought it was awesome so I want to see it, too.”

I have actually had an exact opposite experience once (how odd is that?). My family went to a restaurant that has a lovely ladies’ room with the added bonus of running Italian language lessons while you are there. I think it is cool and fantastic and kind of funny. We had a female guest with us.

I told our guest, “Before we leave, you’ve got to check out the ladies’ room. It’s really cool.”

She simply refused. Defiantly stating by her actions “I will not acknowledge you by honoring your suggestion.”

So silly and not really a big deal. I didn’t care one way or the other that much. It was just a little kindness. I wanted to give her the opportunity to enjoy the uniqueness.

But when Jane simply turned and went to check it out because I said it was lovely, that old story from years ago resurfaced. And I felt validated and friended.

Because of a bathroom!

Thanks, Jane.


Patricia Meyers
Checking Out Cool Bathrooms Everywhere I Go

(Ha! Good double play on the word “go”!)



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  1. I just saw an awesome bathroom at the Paris Hotel in Vegas this weekend. Very pretty!

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