Everyone needs encouragement

That seems obvious doesn’t it? Of course we all do.

However, do you know someone who seems like they never need encouragement like the rest of us? They seem self-propelled. They seem to have a Teflon coating when it comes to struggles. It may seem they are eternally optimistic and don’t need the uplift from a friend.

Well, regardless of appearance, they do need encouragement. They need a smile. They need a “You Can Do It!” They need a verbal hug.

We all do.


I know a some of those folks. A couple I know well. And those who don’t know me  really well might be tempted to say it about me.

But it’s not true.

We all feel empty at one time or another. We all question our pursuit or ability.

Just because someone doesn’t let their frustration or struggles be known to all, does not mean they don’t have some of each.

Just because someone seems to have no trouble plodding through writing their book, or creating they photography portfolio, or going on audition after audition after audition; does not mean they don’t.

Just because the janitor in your building smiles all the time does not mean he couldn’t use a hearty “Howdy!” on a daily basis and a personal connection as well.

Just because the childcare worker appears to absolutely love children does not mean she wouldn’t love some intense adult conversation and a day without kiddos. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a dream that doesn’t involve kids.

You cannot judge by what you see on the surface.

Everyone needs encouragement.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. I Thessalonians 5:11

Spread it wide!

Set a goal of how many people you are going to share a smile with today (or tomorrow if it is late when you are reading this). What’s your number? Put it in the comments!

I’m going to go make someone smile right this minute.

Patricia Meyers
Smile Maker


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2 responses to “Everyone needs encouragement

  1. Smiles are such “pick me up’s”….and they are’t rationed or hard to come by! Thanks for the reminder, Pat!


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