What Encourages Me

Seeing people do amazing things encourages and inspires me. Hearing a testimony about someone conquering their fear or disability or insecurity and finish something awesome lights a fire in me. Meeting someone who is simply “doing it” absolutely challenges me.

Do you know anyone like that? Have they spurred you on?

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24

I came in contact with www.No41.org through my daughter-in-law. I sat and read every word on their website, then I read their blog entries, then I stared at the pictures of those lovely ladies that have had their lives completely changed because of one dreamer and doer: Tara.

What am I doing to change the world? I have done things in the past. I have had the unspeakable privilege of touching the hearts of children for years. Then I spent a few years traveling and encouraging those who minister to children in churches and sidewalk Sunday Schools and on the mission field. Then I got sick and all that took a siesta. I tried to be a light to the MANY healthcare workers I came in contact with.

But what am I doing today?

God has stirred the hearts of both my husband and me. We have a dream to change the world, even if only a small corner of it.

We are ready. And reading No41’s story has thrown gasoline on the embers.

All I can say is “Thank you, No41 for what you are doing and for stirring my heart so.”

And I’ve never met them. I would love to! Once you peruse their site you will want to as well. Go visit their site. Order a bag or a shirt and read about what they are doing. Let yourself be encouraged and spurred on by their work.

Cathol Cathedral in Rwanda

photo credit: Doug Klembara for No.41

They gave me permission to share this gorgeous picture of a Catholic cathedral in Rwanda with you. She said, in her post, that church in Africa was one of her favorite life experiences, hands down.

I think I could stare at that picture for hours. But then I wouldn’t be out there doing something, would I?

So I’ll peek at it a few more minutes, then see what I can do to bless someone.

Speaking of blessing someone — you have a blessed day. I pray that whatever is heavy on your heart today would be covered by His presence and His peace.

Patricia Meyers
Blessings To You

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