125 Teacups

My youngest daughter got married a couple of years ago. We did the wedding ourselves and it was lovely. She is very crafty and creative so not one person in attendance was surprised at the loveliness they witnessed.

One of the things she wanted was to have a china tea cup and saucer for every guest. They could have tea or coffee in a lovely cup and then take it with them as a memento.

tea cups, wedding, encouragement

photo credit Lauren Robertson

125 Tea Cups!

Let the shopping begin! Goodwill was our friend. Thrift Stores were our best buds. Yard sales and estate sales became great acquaintances.

We found 8! Then 4. Then 2. Then 12.

The numbers climbed. We were excited.

Then they stopped climbing. We became concerned.

Then we found 20 at one place in a nearby town. Excited again.

Nothing for a while. Discouraged.

Then 10!

Then 2.

125 Tea Cups seemed like a large number.

Then, suddenly (after much work), we had reached and exceeded our goal. What a good time that was! We used some in the centerpieces.

tea cups, wedding, encouragement

photo credit Lauren Robertson

We washed and dried and stacked and packed. And we prayed a prayer of thanks, because we were not sure the goal would be met.

How many times have we felt that way? We set a goal, but when things don’t happen smoothly, we changed from excitement to concern in a flash.

It’s lovely to have a story with a happy ending. We can look back at that and remember. We can think back and be encouraged in our present challenge.

Just stick with it. Try one more way. Give it another go.

You can win it! We did. 125+ tea cups.


Patricia Meyers
Tea Cup Shopper Extraordinaire



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One response to “125 Teacups

  1. Yes, they were lovely. And still in use.


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