27 Simple Ways To Encourage Someone

Here are some fun ways to be an encourager:

Encourage, Encouragement

  1. Send a note
  2. Send an email
  3. Send an e-card
  4. Call them for a chat.
  5. Text stuff to make them smile
  6. Fill their car, cubicle, bedroom, locker (whatever) with balloons with encouraging notes inside them
  7. Cover their instrument case or athletic bag or brief case with post-its saying “You Got This!”
  8. Buy them a smiley face cookie.
  9. Look them square in the eye and say “I believe in you.”
  10. Find out one of their favorite movies and use movie quotes from it.
  11. Say simple comments “Have a nice day!”
  12. Say thank you more than once!
  13. Tell someone they brightened your day. And mean it.
  14. Put a smiley face note in their breakfast bowl before they sit down to breakfast.
  15. Change the background on a co-worker’s computer to a colorful smiley face or silly face or …
  16. Stop and listen to someone – give them your full attention.
  17. Make someone a cup of coffee or tea without being asked. Especially if they seem to be having a rough day.
  18. Offer to run an errand or pick up dinner for someone who is stressed out.
  19. Solicit mutual friends to send an encouraging text every hour during the day for the entire week.
  20. Ask them how things are going. Remind them they will reach the end/finish line/etc.
  21. Send them index cards with scripture verses or inspirational quotes on them.
  22. Bring soup and bread to a sick friend without asking if it is okay. (I know you need to know food allergies, but showing up with something as a surprise is just so darn nice.)
  23. If they are sick in bed, buy them a silly cartoon character pillow case or water bottle.
  24. Do some research if they need answers to something: illness, allergies, moving, etc ad nauseam.
  25. Help them send out thank you cards or file paperwork or any other type “office” help they may need. When things are stressful, the paper piles up.
  26. Organize a scheduled visit calendar for a bed ridden friend.
  27. Put important dates in your calendar so you can remember — races, due dates, interviews, major medical events, etc.

The list could go on and on. I had to stop somewhere. But with all the things available to do for someone, never underestimate the value of a phone call or a short visit.

Add to the list here in the comments!

Pat Meyers
Have A Nice Day!!!

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One response to “27 Simple Ways To Encourage Someone

  1. Bake them cookies or muffins. Give them a movie and/or restaurant gift card for a night out. Give them a massage. Offer to pray over or for them.


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