Encouragement is a noun

Encouragement is a noun, which means it is a “thing.” An actual “thing.” It may not be physical like a table or a ping pong ball or a cupcake; but it is felt. Isn’t it?

It is not an idea. Or a philosophy. Or something ethereal.

It is a noun. A thing.

An actual thing.

Remember the last time you were the benefactor of encouragement? Ahhhhhh…. nice, wasn’t it? It felt like a thing, didn’t it?

What about the last time you dished out a batch of encouragement? It feels nice, too. It is one of the things that is great for both parties.

Sometimes one dose of hearty encouragement can last us the length of the current struggle, race, game, trial, learning curve, etc.

And other times it needs to be dished out on a regular basis to help us make it to the finish line of whatever it is we are going through at the time.

It doesn’t cost anything. You don’t have to order it in advance. You don’t have to stock up so you have extra when needed. You don’t have to have experience or a degree or a certification. There is no Masters of Encouragement or Certified Encourager License. We can all be (and should all be) encouragers.

My friend, Jan, told me that she read the last post: Encourage is a Verb and was inspired. She said it hit her like a brick. She said: “I needed to be reminded that it is something we do.” Someone came to her mind right away and she sat down and wrote them a note of encouragement.

She sent them a gift. A thing. Encouragement.


encouragement, positive

Who will you give that “thing” encouragement to today? Can you think of someone? If no one pops in your mind, look for opportunities to give that gift away all day today.

Leave a comment here. It will encourage me. 🙂


Patricia Meyers
I love a good noun!



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