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Laughter does good like a medicine

Who would argue with that point? No one! Well, no one that’s fun, that’s for sure and certain.

Pat laughing


Goodness I love to laugh. I love to make people laugh. And I love it when people make me laugh. I get a kick out of a funny sense of humor. I think my favorite is when someone takes a regular fact and pulls a twist on it. Or irony, I love that. Or sarcastic humor.


But my favorite of all is wit. It tickles my funny bone like little else. I have spent many a moment embarrassed by cracking up a “little too much” when no one else laughed. Oh well. Their loss.


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My husband calls it aquatherapy

I love water. I love looking at it, hearing it, and smelling it. I can sit on the beach and stare out at the water and listen to the waves forever. But we don’t live near a beach. We do, however, live near The Mississippi River.

Not quite the same. But it is water.

Dani at the lake
Photo credit Megan Meyers

This picture is my granddaughter. The feeling that picture exhibits matches the feeling in her Nana’s heart when standing by water. Of course she is extra cute snuggling her doggie. Continue reading

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Attack Your Weakness

Recently, I came across an article by a personal trainer about attacking your weakness. He was talking about focusing on an area of your body that is your weakest area. If your belly is your biggest problem, focus on ab exercises; if your legs are scrawny, do squats until you are blue in the face; you get the idea.

Then I found a second article that talked about focusing on your eating before focusing on exercise because most people are so weak and lacking self-control regarding their diet that until that is strengthened, the rest is moot. Two different guys: same theme.

I think the motto “attack your weakness” could apply to just about anything. Even to running a children’s ministry. Continue reading

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