Hiding Vegetables

Do you hide vegetables in food? I have over the years.Veggie Basket


Shredded carrots go into my spaghetti sauce.

Shredded zucchini or summer squash are a part of my meatloaf.

Pureed butternut squash is a major player in my lasagna.

Instead of plain mashed potatoes I use one large potato, ¼ of a head of cauliflower and one large turnip.

Every single one gets rave reviews by family and friends alike.

I make the best ground turkey veggie soup. I get requests for it. I’ll put my recipe here for you. It is super yummy. You’ll love it. (I hope.)

One of my secrets is that I make homemade broth. Here is how I do that.

Years and years ago I stopped using potatoes in my soup and used turnips instead. I had been doing that about 5 years without being caught:  Then came the morning that my oldest (then a teenager) came into the kitchen a little early. I was putting the soup in the crock pot and had a turnip in my hand. I was caught turnip-handed.

“What’s that?” she asked. “Ummmmm…” was my intelligent reply. I started with “I’ve been doing this for five years, sweetheart.” And then I came clean. Sure, it has been sneaky, but it had worked fabulously.

Then came the day they found out I used fennel. FENNEL?!!? Yup. Yay, Me!

But the biggest secret came out the day they saw me make their favorite chocolate brownie bread. You know, the really chocolatey, moist yummnessi. I was caught shredding the zucchini. Rats. Caught again. They forgave me quickly because it is so yummy. Here’s the recipe for that.

Sneaky vegetables are a riot. Now I can cook “seen” vegetables. But it took me a while.

Do you do that? I’d like to hear your best sneaky veggie trick in the comments!

Pat Meyers
Vegetable Sleuth


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2 responses to “Hiding Vegetables

  1. Pat, I have never used fennel. NEVER. IF I use it will my life be better? More importantly, will my soup really be better? I’m running out to buy the stuff to make turkey soup. I’ll get back to you about the fennel. 🙂


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