A Spot For Everyone, and Everyone in Their Spot

There is a spot for every type of personality. Every single one.  There’s a spot for you. (Do you love Big Bang Theory? You know, Sheldon has a spot.) Whether you feel like you have a “spot” or a purpose … you do.

Do you, at times, feel like you are sitting in someone else’s chair? Perhaps you don’t think you are entitled to sit in the cool chair you have been given. But you are. Why not you? That chair can be for you!



One way to make your life easier is to stop trying to fit into someone else’s chair. And don’t make someone fit a seat that you choose for them instead of allowing them to sit in the seat they were made to sit in. If you aren’t sure of your spot, start by believing there is a spot that is just for you. Because there is. Believe it!

I know it’s hard. Sometimes it is almost impossible.

But actually, it is just hard. It is NOT impossible.

And sometimes it’s weird. But weird can be fun.

We need to be ourselves. We need to enjoy the seat that is ours.  And live it up in that seat.

After all, it is probably chosen for us by God. And He has a plan for us in that chair. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

But He does.

It may not be forever. You might get a new chair for a new season of your life. But whatever seat you find yourself in at this precise moment, enjoy it. Don’t worry about someone else’s spot, don’t worry about what might come next in your journey, enjoy the seat you have right now.

After all, the make-up of you is unique. One-of-a-kind. Like a snowflake. (I actually wrote a party plan for Children’s Church of Sunday School on that theme. You can peek at it here.) So the seat or “place” you occupy in this earth will be and should be unique.

It is fabulous to learn to enjoy the uniqueness of you. You are rather fabulous. You really are. I know, because I know the One who created you.

Are you in the seat you want to be in? Are you looking for your spot? What shape is your seat? Color? Purpose?

Tell you story in the comments.

Pat Meyers
My Seat Is Purple (of course)


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2 responses to “A Spot For Everyone, and Everyone in Their Spot

  1. I’m still trying to figure out which seat is the one I’m supposed to be in. And either I am color blind to them, or they are all purple. 😉


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