Sometimes stuff is hard, but …

It really doesn’t matter if something is hard. Does it? It just means it is difficult; not impossible. While this may seem unrelated to that statement, it isn’t:

I would like to share with you my best grain free muffin recipe.

Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins

The best grain free muffin ever. And I make them every single week. My husband cannot function without his muffins. It reminds me of our fat cat, Howard. (My husband is not fat. Just the cat.)

HowardHoward was my cat. More accurately, I was his human. He was solid black (my favorite  kind of cat), his yellow eyes penetrated my soul, and his purr registered on the Richter scale. And he was fat. This picture doesn’t show the true situation with Howard’s belly. It swayed back and forth when he walked. It was rather funny (sorry, but it was).

When he could see the bottom of his food bowl, it was cause for  a  complete  panic attack.Only One Muffin Left

Dan is similar with his muffin container. It is not fine when it is empty. He will set out a package of pumpkin on the counter as a hint.

Why? Because when we decided to try grain free he was frightened. He had night tremors about flax and garbanzo bean cookies. But I love to cook. And I am armed with pinterest. I started learning about coconut flour and almond meal and other things I didn’t know existed.

We thought it was going to be horrible. But it was only a little hard.

When I made these muffins the first time, it was a homerun. A grand slam, actually. And now they are on my to do Iist every week. I made them recently for a coworker’s birthday. I didn’t  tell him anything except they were Dan’s  fave. His response? “I can see why.”

They are that good.

Over the years I have faced one dietary issue after another: the Zone Diet (when my husband was ill), allergies (me then my daughter), pre-dialysis diet, renal diet, no sugar, calorie counting, asthma diet, and so on.

I’m not afraid to jump in and learn it. And I can honestly say that simple fact has served me well.

So many of my friends have commented on this. They feel overwhelmed at the thought at a major dietary change. Perhaps I would have too, if I would have had time to think about it. Instead I dove in head first. And then I kinda  loved the challenge.

Are you facing something daunting? Are you stymied at the prospect of handling it? It doesn’t  have to be  food related.

Sometimes stuff is hard, but that does not mean you can’t do it.

Just jump in.

You might surprise yourself.

Pat Meyers

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Grain Free Muffin recipe



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