Don’t emulate – create!

What a waste of time it is to try to emulate someone else, another’s gifting, someone’s style — A complete and utter waste.Pat and Dani

Don’t do it.

While trying to copy someone’s style of writing, painting, singing — whatever — you are not growing in your own unique gifting.

You are literally wasting time.

When you finally realize that you will NEVER be that other person, you have to start from where you left off.

Wasted time. It is shocking that so many people get caught in this trap!

Don’t do it.

Spend your hours and days being you. Developing you. Growing into the best you.

I know it’s been said a bazillion times before. But I join my voice in the chorus.

Pat with bug eyesBe uniquely you.

Regardless of how unique you really are. Be you.

Draw the way you see things.

Write with your own voice.

Sing like you sing.

Have your sense of humor and your funny way of looking at things.

Enjoy life your way.

Plan and organize and cook and parent and garden and publish and blog and exercise and diet and be a friend at your utmost you.

Nothing else. Nothing less.

Of course, we learn from others. We strengthen our skills, hone them, sharpen them; but they should never change their “feel” from the uniqueness that is our own.

It’s tough sometimes. Everyone falls into the “WOW! I like their style way better” syndrome. Fight it. Ignore it. Trash it.

Be uniquely you.

Nothing else. Nothing less.


Pat Meyers
Uniquely Me

Oh … and let others be uniquely them, too.

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One response to “Don’t emulate – create!

  1. Jan Claus

    Okay, I got it. I am Jan.


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