Phone Charging Can Be Tricky …

I sat on the floor at the Las Vegas airport near the only outlet I could find. People were lined up to my left, on my right was a post that provided me a little back support. I tried to keep my feet tucked in and not get trampled as travelers rushed to their gates or to the slot machines located very near my spot.

Most airports have charging stations. My sister and I traveled together just three months ago. We met in Dallas, sat at a charging station and got caught up on life happenings. No charging stations here. I suspect they want people to take advantage of the slot machines. That makes sense.

Instead of shooting my quarters into the slot, I people watched. What a fabulous activity that is! Especially where I was located. I believe every age, nationality, style of dress and tattoo passed by me during my 90 minute surveying episode. It was fantastic.

I felt like I was in a body language reading class. A crash course. There are those that were rushing through, some meandered so slowly as to aggravate those who wanted to rush. I heard every language and dialect. I saw children being cuddled and some be rushed along regardless of their pleas for a snack or a potty break.

There was laughter, arguing, silence, frustration and every other emotion being expressed between traveling companions.

It was a great use of 90 minutes. Then I unfolded my stiff knees and stood. Gathered my phone charger, straightened my clothing, and crossed the walkway to my gate. I had grabbed a very expensive bottle of water earlier so I sat to finish it off before I boarded.

A young man standing well over 6 feet tall approached me and asked if he could use the plug right under my leg. What? A plug?

Chair with outlet

Sure enough. There were two outlets spaced every four chairs.

How clever.

Pat Meyers
Sophisticated World Traveler


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  1. That was funny! At least he asked first.


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