Friendship Therapy

We movedfriends a lot when I was growing up. I didn’t establish any long-term friendships. That did not keep me from having friend therapy wherever we were. As often as possible. Driving my mother crazy. Repeatedly.


As an adult, we have stayed put (perhaps for too long), and I have friendships that track back for decades.

There are few substitutes for the uplift of a group of fun-loving, kind and supportive friends. Laughing together. Crying together.  Sharing life together. (I know I talked about that in this post.)

So often, however, when people are down or struggling or depressed; they hole themselves up. Alone. I think that is a dreadful trick of the enemy. Because we are supposed to share life. And sharing life can perk you up in ways nothing else can.

My husband understood my need for friend therapy when we began having children. He would shoo me out of the house once a week for a girls night out. Whether I felt like going or not. I went.

And I am grateful to the max.

I still get together with friends regularly. Writer friends: weekly. Mastermind friends: weekly. Plain ol’ girlfriends: as often as possible (maybe too often if I shared details).

They pick me up. They give me something to smile about. They give me the opportunity to think of others instead of only myself. They keep me accountable to stay active and engaged in life. They support my endeavors and give advice. They listen and receive advice from me.

They make me laugh.

We challenge each other. We push each other. We sit back and do nothing but sip tea. We agree. We disagree. We discuss. It’s just good life stuff.

Friends need to be part of your life journey. A steady, consistent, active part. Friendship is not something you decide to participate in only when you feel like it. It needs to be steady and real. Even if it is hard sometimes.

At least it is so for me.


Patricia Meyers
Love my friends

A man who has friends must himself be friendly… Proverbs 18:24a

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