My husband calls it aquatherapy

I love water. I love looking at it, hearing it, and smelling it. I can sit on the beach and stare out at the water and listen to the waves forever. But we don’t live near a beach. We do, however, live near The Mississippi River.

Not quite the same. But it is water.

Dani at the lake
Photo credit Megan Meyers

This picture is my granddaughter. The feeling that picture exhibits matches the feeling in her Nana’s heart when standing by water. Of course she is extra cute snuggling her doggie.

About an hour from our house is the famous “Great River Road” in Illinois. We absolutely love driving the River Road and do it often.  When I was sick (kidney disease), my husband would take me as often as I felt up to it. He called it aquatherapy.

And it was.

I would sit in the passenger seat and just look at it, beseeching its peacefulness to wash over me.

Our vacation to Michigan last year included time sitting on the beach of Lake Michigan as well as a few meals lakeside. He knows it means a lot to me. A trip to the zoo includes some time on the patio of the Lakeside Care, because it is, indeed, lakeside. I stand on the bridge at the botanical gardens until my family pulls me away. I go to the garden center at Lowe’s to listen to the fountains. We go to eat at The Boat House in Forest Park and when we do, my husband makes sure my chair faces the water.

It is therapeutic, yes, but it is also inspiring. I have more ideas and solidify more plot problems when I’m waterside. My heart lifts to the Creator of my soul and of the creation I love. It makes me want to write.

My writers’ group is taking another retreat soon. Yes, it is by a lake. Apparently, we all are inspired by the loveliness of the sun sparkling on the water and the waves gently lapping against the rocks right below our botel. (Really, it is called a botel because you can pull your boat right up to it.)

I’m not a fan of rain, though. Not the water coming down, just the water that is already down.

I seriously cannot get enough of it. We would love to buy a lakeside house. One day. In the meantime, I take every opportunity I can to sit and stare at the water soaking it in hoping to make it last until my next aquatherapy session.

Pat Meyers
Where’s the beach?



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  1. And I am so looking forward to that retreat! I can hear the gentle waves lapping at the rocks already.


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