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Everyone faces a storm at some time

You never know what is going on in someone’s life. Even someone you are close to. Even someone you live with.

You cannot know what they are struggling with in their heart or mind. Everyone faces a storm at some time.

Storm wallpapersRemember that on that day when they don’t seem themselves.

Or they don’t respond in their usual way.

Or they forgot something you deemed important.

Of course, there is no excuse for rudeness.

But sometimes.

Just sometimes.

We struggle.

All of us.

And it’s okay.

Instead of frustration, let’s offer understanding and extend grace.

For we all need it.



Pat Meyers
One Who Needs Grace
And One Who Wants to Give It

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3 Things About Me

… and I want to know 3 things about you, too.


  1. I am the mother of three (two girls and one boy) and the very happy grandmother of five (one girl and four boys), oh and the mother-in-law of three (one girl and two boys). There is not an accurate adjective for how much I love it. Some of our best times were with our kiddos as they were growing up. We had a blast. Now we get to relive much of that with our five little gems. There is nothing better than walking into a room and hearing “GRAMMIE!!! or NANA!!” My daughter’s boys call me Grammie and my son’s daughter calls me Nana. I feel like a split personality. But it makes me happy, so who cares?

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Well … Hello!!!

Did you think I had gone into hibernation for the winter? I know, not good to start and then check out. But, I’m back and raring to go!

My oldest daughter gave birth to her 3rd son on March 24th. At week #11 (last fall) the doctor put her on bed rest. Did I mention it was her 3rd son? Her other two are 3 and 2. Yup … she’s busy … and getting busier.

Marshall newborn

The doctor gave her a 50/50 chance of keeping the baby. And here he is all healthy and gorgeous.

Ladies in our church and friends of Erin’s joined together and helped. I have a day job, so I could not be there 24/7. My boss was amazingly gracious and if Erin needed me, I was there.

It was tough days and weeks, as you could well imagine. But what is that compared to the life of a child? This darling boy.

And these two darling boys that needed clothes and snacks and diaper changes (one of them) and activity and questions answered, to name but a few.

Hunter and Marshall Xander and Marshall

So I’m back. A very blessed and happy Grammie. I cannot wait to see what God has planned for this little guy that arrived on the wings of many prayers.

And I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me next, either. Life is rich and I love it with all its crazy twisty curvy turns. What’s next for me? Who knows? Do you know what is next for you? Let me hear it!!! Perhaps it will inspire me!

Patricia Meyers
One with Five Grandkids


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