3 Things We Found in Every Small Town

Well, almost every one. And we looked.

Last summer we decided to go on a back roads vacation. We spent but a few miles on an interstate. The rest of the six days’ trip was back roads, little county roads, and lovely scenic drives.

It was fantastic. We stopped at diners named Joe’s and Mel’s and Ruby’s. We took side roads to see the town’s library and city hall. We took our time. And we loved it. Except for the night we could not find a hotel. Seriously. It took three towns to find a pillow for our heads.

We are planning more road trips. Actually, our plan is that every trip in the future includes a road trip.

We enjoyed many aspects of our trip, but we really got a kick out of what we found in every single little town across Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.


A Casey’s gas station / general store.



A Subway sandwich shop


and …

A Dollar General Store.

dollar general

It became our game. Upon entering a little town we would be on the look out. And we hunted them down before moving on.

It wasn’t hard. Most little towns exist along the main drive.

It was fun. And kind of funny.

And we wished we had invested in all three companies about a decade ago.

We are looking forward to our next hunt to see what we can see.

Have you noticed something in your travels that tickled your fancy? Share it with me.

Patricia Meyers
Road Trip Fanatic


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4 responses to “3 Things We Found in Every Small Town

  1. I love little hole-in-the-wall cafes. But even more than that, weird as it is, I like exploring cemeteries. Always have.


  2. Our home town in North Dakota has one of the three…a Subway. One main street, two gas stations and a grain elevator. I love small towns, but sure did feel deprived not having a Dairy Queen! Bev.


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