A Life Connected

Lately I have been pondering the loveliness of sharing life together. Not just with your spouse, but with lots of people. I am going to assume the obviousness of sharing life with one’s spouse, daily and as long as there is breath.
Two butterflies

But I speak of  friends. So many heart connections there. One of my friends has been with me through life for the past 35 years. We have seen the ups and downs. Way ups and way downs. And we’ve shared them together. I’ve sat across from her at her kitchen table while she cried and comforted and listened and prayed. She’s been with me in the hospital, made meals for my family, listened, comforted and prayed. I laid on the floor staring up at her while she had to lay on a massage table face down for DAYS after eye surgery. She opened her door at 1:00 am to my two older children when I went into labor with my third. We talk about God, His Word, His plan. We talk about spouses and children and cooking and politics.

Sharing life. Being a witness of one another’s life.



What about co-workers that remain friends long after the work day is not shared?  Or church friends that grow into buddies that grow into someone with whom you share your life and picnics and holidays? Or parents of your children’s’ friends?  Your lives may connect for a few years or a decade, but it is still sharing life. And it’s fabulous.

Life together.

What about your adult children that allow you to be part of their life and their children’s’ lives. I am blessed to have that in my life. I get to hear “Grammie!!” and “Nana!!!!” from sweet little voices regularly. Grandma and Grandpa get invited to all kinds of things. I love it. I love it so much. I love that my daughter and I talk and text every day. I love it that my daughter-in-law and I talk and text every day, too. My heart lifts when I see any of their names lit up on my phone. And I get pictures of little ones almost every single day. Silly child comments get texted to me regularly. Whether I see them daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly; my life is intertwined with theirs.

Living connectedly.

And the siblings. And the parents. And the extended family.


Life long ties.


And there is my writers’ group which has been crucial in my life for over a dozen years. I can’t imagine my life without those ladies. And my Mastermind Group, which is growing in its connectedness.

I truly believe that is how God created us — to live our lives together.

Do you share your heart regularly with others? Do you let them in? Do you connect yourself with them? Do you listen and care and follow up and go out of your way for them? Do you live connected?

It is a lovely thing. Share a story here.

Patricia Meyers
One Who Shares Life With Many


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2 responses to “A Life Connected

  1. Pat…A dozen years! Writing wouldn’t be the same without the connection the four of us have. We share everything but our “Just Say NO” and “Deal Breakers” cards! 😉 Thanks for a thoughtful post.


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