3 Things About Me

… and I want to know 3 things about you, too.


  1. I am the mother of three (two girls and one boy) and the very happy grandmother of five (one girl and four boys), oh and the mother-in-law of three (one girl and two boys). There is not an accurate adjective for how much I love it. Some of our best times were with our kiddos as they were growing up. We had a blast. Now we get to relive much of that with our five little gems. There is nothing better than walking into a room and hearing “GRAMMIE!!! or NANA!!” My daughter’s boys call me Grammie and my son’s daughter calls me Nana. I feel like a split personality. But it makes me happy, so who cares?

  1. I love the color purple. Seriously. I really do. Sometimes it’s embarrassing because it’s as strong as a four-year old’s love of a certain color. I walk right up to the purple choice without thinking about it, whether it is an article of clothing, a napkin, a plate, a candle, a yoga mat; whatever. It makes me feel happy and peaceful in my gut. Years ago I was invited to a home party plan party for decorating items and ideas. During her little presentation, the sales lady made a powerful statement, she said “Whatever you do, never use a lot of purple in a room or on the walls, it is the biggest decorating disaster people make.” All heads turned to me. My entire home office is painted purple, because my husband loves me and is awesome. Boy was she wrong. Boy do my friends know me.


  1. I love trying new restaurants. I know that isn’t amazing, but God gave me a rather picky eater for a husband. Our girls grew up rather picky (I use the word “rather” to be nice); but my boy, he was God’s gift to my eating adventure need. From very young he would announce, “Mom! I saw a new restaurant opening!” We would have a date. To this day (he has long ago moved out) when I see a new restaurant I want to go check it out with him. I love to cook. I like eating at home most of the time. But Wow! I love a new restaurant. That’s one of my favorite parts of vacationing.

coming soon signs

And I’m a writer, a speaker, a terrific puppeteer (didn’t expect that one, did you?), an avid knitter, a lover of people, could talk all day long, love my friends, love to play Monopoly Deal, and love the beach. Oh, the beach. When do we get to go??

Also, I am always complaining about my hair, I am (and have been) fighting to lose weight, I can’t seem to get my “storage” room under control, and I absolutely hate doing yard work.

It is wonderful thing that we are varied in our makeup. Often people focus on just one facet of themselves, when we really should celebrate the many gifts God has placed in us and the many sides of the person we are.

Let me hear about the many sides of you. I’ll celebrate you with you.

Patricia Meyers
He Fills My Life With Good Things


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2 responses to “3 Things About Me

  1. I love to read, I stayed up until 1 last night to finish a book I started earlier in the day. I love to write, though I have not the last few days for various reasons. I enjoy scrapbooking and will never catch up on all my kid’s albums. I love meeting with my writer’s group to write, eat and laugh. And I am so glad spring is coming! That’s more than three things, but that’s ok, right?


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