Look Up First

I have four grandchildren, with a fifth on the way. Lucky me, right? I know. Super blessed.

Hunter is my oldest daughter’s second boy. He is rounding the bend towards 2 years old. He is goofy, dirty, and messy. We call him “Pig Pen” jokingly. (Well, sort of jokingly.) Dirt finds him in a big way. I know you may have had one like that, or know one. Hunter is one.

He is as cute as they come and stinkin’ funny.

One thing he does that is different from almost every kid I’ve ever known is: When he goes outside, he looks up first. It is pretty strange. He’s past the stage where you are afraid of him toppling over, but when that head flies up, it seems uncertain.



He looks up because he likes birds.

And butterflies.

And planes and helicopters.

And anything else the sky might hold.


Most kids start running when their feet hit the pavement or grass. Not him. His head goes up before anything else.

We went for a walk the other day: me, Hunter (21 months) and Xander (3 years old).  I was holding securely to Hunter’s chubby little hand. We walked along okay for a while, but then his head tilted back and he stopped dead in his tracks and the adult absolutely must pay attention.


“Birds!” He shouts.20141025_122210

“No, it’s not birds, Hunter,” I tell him. “It’s leaves!”

“Leaves!” He shouts.



He loves things that come from the sky. And those leaves were falling like leaves should in October.

The boys ran over and started trying to catch them. It was a fabulous “Grammie” moment.

I stood and watched (snapped a photo) and watched some more. And smiled. And joined in trying to catch some leaves.

catching leaves






And I pondered the fact that the pleasure of enjoying that moment was ours because Hunter looks up.

Then I pondered the thought that what a great habit he has developed — he looks up first.

That would solve a lot of our troubles, and stresses, and mis-speaks; wouldn’t it?

If we would just look up first.

Psalm 121:1-2 I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Patricia Meyers
Looking UP


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2 responses to “Look Up First

  1. Loved, loved, loved this, Pat. The pictures are great as is the message. Thanks for a smile and some good advice.

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