The Morning Calls – It’s a New Day

I am an early bird. Always have been. Ask my mother. My husband had a rude awakening when we met. He didn’t know about sunrises. But I am happy to report that he loves them now, and has for a few decades.


My friends laugh at me because I get more done before 8:00 a.m. than most people. Of course after 9:00 p.m. I am worthless. It’s a trade off. And it’s one I can’t help making. Even if I want to, I can’t.rooster4

My body wakes up with the chickens. Sometimes before the chickens. I’m the one that reminds the rooster to crow.

And, because I get up so stinkin early; I know things some people don’t know.

The stars at 4:00 am are at their loveliest.

Sunrise doesn’t happen at a time designated by your local weatherman. It is a series of gorgeous light layers upon light layers. It changes colors every three minutes. My husband will call from the kitchen “Sunrise alert!” And I’ll run to our east-facing windows and take a peek.

He’ll repeat it three minutes later and I’ll run to see what changed. Sometimes we’ll just watch it for a while.

Two years ago I drove my daughter home from Windsor, Colorado to St. Louis, Missouri. We left her apartment at 5:00 in pitch darkness. We went south for only a half an hour before we turned east. Moments later the black shaded to gray, the stars left their posts, and the sunrise display began. We watched it with wonder. We were so very tired; little sleep, lots of packing, and leaving before daybreak; the beauty was breathtaking and refreshing.

The day begins with sunrise.

Sure there are folks like me tapping on a keyboard in the dark. And there are a million of others out milking cows under the stars, driving a truck before rushrooster2 hour starts, feeding a newborn for the second time since midnight, checking patients as a night nurse, drawing blood (because that has to be done at a ridiculous hour), and so many other tasks.

But I think most people agree the day officially begins at sunrise.

And it calls to us: Things to do, people to call or visit, work to be done, tasks to fulfill, vacations to plan, people to care for, books to finish reading (or writing), food to prepare.

And life moves on.

I love that.

Whether you are in a stormy season of life or a calm one, life moves on day by day.

The morning calls to us that we are given another set of hours to claim as our own. Not knowing what that particular day will hold — the birth of new life, the letting go of a loved one, a surprise that brings delight or a sudden onset of something tinged with fear. We know not what any day brings with it. We only know that we will face it. Head on. With a smile, with a tear, with someone else, or sometimes alone.

Regardless. The morning calls. And sometimes how we answer the call makes all the difference in how the day goes.

How will you answer the call this morning?


How did you answer the call?


Patricia Meyers
A rooster among humans

Psalm 118:24


All photo credits to Megan Meyers


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14 responses to “The Morning Calls – It’s a New Day

  1. I love this Patricia! I’m a sunrise girl at heart as well…haven’t been able to change my hubs mind on that subject though, haha. Someday I want to live where the trees don’t block the sunrise…maybe on a lake or the ocean where I can enjoy it in all of it’s glory, while getting my work done and sipping coffee as well!


  2. Hello Pat,
    I am a sunrise girl as well. But, today I slept through it.
    And now that I am awake, I will be thankful for today.


  3. Ann

    Patty, your blog IS my sunrise…my beautiful sunrise! I’m so happy to have discovered your blog. Good morning!


  4. Love your writing! I am not a sunrise girl, but my puppy is. Lately I’ve noticed the stars at 4am ARE different–clearer somehow? I am excited to read more from you!


  5. Jan Claus

    Wrong. The day begins at 9 AM or sometimes 10 AM. Anything before that is imagination. But then you know me. It is beautiful at midnight.


  6. Grant

    Wait! I can choose how to answer the call every morning. The God of the universe can use me for His purpose no matter what choices I made yesterday. And He will make me a new creation just for inviting into my life, my day and my circumstance. You know what God…I’ll take it.


  7. Unbelievably, my day didn’t start until 9:20 today. With four kids, how did I get so lucky to sleep in that long? I’ll take it!


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